The Best University in the World

It has recently come to my attention that being clever is not the same as being wise. When I finish my PhD (I can't wait!) I might be regarded as clever but to be wise I need to graduate in the school of life.

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that I am in my Christ year: the age of 33, the year most people die and are re-born. Sounds blasphemous, I know, but it is so true for me. I have died so many times this year and everyday, I feel like I am re-born. I hope that means I am growing in wisdom. I have certainly learnt a lot of new things. One of them being, how to make mistakes. I have almost mastered that art.

I am also learning to conquer my fears, especially the fear to fail and to be wrong. I am not so scared anymore.

Putting up my work in an online gallery and writing in this blog are some of my greatest achievements because now I am exposing my weakness. I have opened up myself to ridicule and shame. If I fail, the world will know.

Now, I have no inhibitions. But wisdom tells me, I still have a long way to go. There is still so much to learn!

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