Really random

Yesterday I mentioned that winter is upon us here in the southern part of Africa. Well, it's not quite winter yet but I can't show off my best asset anymore which is my skin. I was told I have peach skin, meaning that it is smooth. It's a pity therefore that I now have to cover it all up in layers of clothing to keep warm. And since I lost weight years ago, I tend to freeze if I am not covered up. So I am thinking that maybe there are benefits to being overweight. The other day I  struggled with a trolley full of shopping on the road because it weighed a lot more than I did. I also remember that when I started teaching at the university, it always took some convincing for people to believe that I was not a student. Yet, when I was 18 years and overweight, people thought I was much older than I really was. I want to write more, but I am not too inspired today. I need to find my creative space again, and for that I need to perform certain rituals. There are also people who inspire me and from time to time, I need to reconnect with them. Just chatting with them is enough to get me thinking of ideas. One such person, who inspires me is not even an artist but they are so creative in the way they talk, and think and look. It is this beauty I see in others that creates my art. So my art is really not just about me, but also about people who come into my space. I have to go now. I have a site visit. By the way, my research is going so well. I promise you something great tomorrow, not research related though so don't fear.

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