In earnest

I am right now in the very quite, postgraduate section of the university library where even breathing loudly is frowned upon. Everyone seems so focused on important stuff like their thesis or desertation and so my writing in this blog now, feels very sinful. For that reason, I ll keep it short today, also because I have no story to tell (This space is not very inspiring).

Yesterday, my ghanaian friend was shocked when I told him that I have not been cooking because I am too busy. I tried to explain that I do buy healthy meals but he would hear none of it. He went ahead and booked an appointment to see me today and I imagine he is going to admonish me with words like 'Instead of writing silly things in this your blog, why don't you cook hot meals for your family?' 

The other day he actually asked me 'What is this snippet nonsense that you write everyday?' and another time when I mentioned to him that I am missing home he retorted 'Why don't you just take a flight back to Nairobi and stop complaining?'

He is very friendly.

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