Count your blessings

I am a crazy person struggling to lead a normal life. Most of the time, I am very well behaved and I even manage to pass off as a pleasant, benign character. But I need to feed my crazy otherwise it pops up and chokes everything else that I have worked so hard to hold together. (This blog, and the 3500! views it has so far, help to feed that crazy.You help to feed that crazy).

To suit changing circumstances, I wear a certain demenour to fit different contexts. Some may call this pretentious, I view it as a skill that is well worth mastering; An art even.

Just like dressing for an occasion, I choose my expressions carefully to ensure that my audience is appropriately entertained. I must admit though, that I don't always succeed. For instance, I recently found myself in a new group of people who were not too impressed with my usual jokes. I had told this same jokes to a different group, who were so taken in by my exegerations and animated gestures. In this new group, I could barely hold the interest of my audience who were very close to yawning whenever I spoke. Maybe not everyone thinks I am funny, or there are other kinds of funny that I am not farmiliar with! Damn!

I don't shy away from a challenge, so I have to shop around for a new personality to please my new audience. Or maybe, I can't please everyone. As Jose Maria Escriva said 'I am not a dollar to be loved my everyone.' But I still have not got that through my thick head. I still try to please everyone. When will she learn!

(Ooh, I had started writing something about counting ones blessings and listing them down...blah blah blah...boring! Do remember to count your blessings though.)

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