A losing streak

I lost my driving licence (I hope it's just lying somewhere waiting to be found)
With it, I lost an entire day (rather, my day was turned on it's head)
I lost two hours looking for it (I looked everywhere twice!)
I then lost my cool (very exasperating!)
I lost an opportunity for research (I was supposed to visit a site)
Maybe I am losing my mind! (Is this a sign?)

So I sat back and thought of how much more I have not lost

I have gained yet another day (new opportunities!)
I am blessed with a beautiful family! (Such loving souls!)
I also find myself in good health (and quiet fit for my age, if I do say so myself)
I am still surprisingly very beautiful (I was told I am an attractive person)
And oh my, are all these posts, over 100 of them, all written by me? (What a blog!)
So where the hell is my driving licence!