10 advantages of being a Nobody

I have found that there is much to be gained from being a Nobody.

I wanted to list for you 10 such benefits but I think it's better for me to give you just two of them, then you can figure out the other eight for yourself, assuming you are also a Nobody, otherwise you would not be reading this blog.

The first and most profitable advantage of being a Nobody is that I get to act like a crazy person whenever I want with little or no consequences. I could, for example, walk into a club (I have actually done this) and scream my head off and behave most inappropriately, without so much as raising an eyebrow. No one knows me! There are no paparazzi following me around (how shocking). You see, I have successfully managed to convince a few people, including myself, that I am an artist. So sometimes I get it into my head, that maybe people will come to me for autographs.

Still on that first advantage (let's call this one advantage 1(b) ), I have found that I can make a fool of myself and fail as often as I like and I will have lost nothing. How cool is that? You will find many illustrations of this  in my other posts so there is no need to belabour this point. On to advantage 2.

I can be whoever I want to be because I am no one! And this is what got me to start painting again. I could even have chosen to do sports or music or dance. Nobody cares! I have actually seriously thought of trying my hand at a sport because this art business is not working for me. The only inquiries I have received so far concerning my work, is from friends and family who want to know how many paintings I have sold, and consequently, how much money I have made. I think they are only interested in my money. Little do they know that all proceeds from my art will be promptly used to buy useless luxurious items and to go to ridiculously expensive places, all in the attempt to pass myself off as Somebody.

For now, pray very hard that I remain a Nobody for a long time, because it keeps me humble and desperate. Desperate enough to blog everyday, in the hope that Somebody with spare change, will stumble upon this blog and fall in love with my work, and buy all of it, and I will go to lovely places, and I wont remember you, and I will become a snob...Wow! Pray very hard!

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