Vanity is good

I have this recurring dream, where I am flying effortlessly in the sky, looking down on my life. In the dream, I leave behind all my inhibitions, I have no problems and I am very happy. Then I wake up and my back is aching from the previous day's hard work (Like yesterday I did so much laundry and was wondering who wears all those clothes). So most mornings, I want to close my eyes and go back to sleep but the day's duties and chores call out to me. Right now, I am dreaming of the holiday I will take when I finish my research. I want to go to the Coast and spend a whole week by myself, just swimming and listening to the sea. I give so much of myself to others that I think I will truly have earned such a holiday.

Dreaming like this keeps me going when I want to give up. Hard work pays off, I tell myself. Often, I feel like its my mind that is pulling my body along. And I try to keep the body fit just so that it can do all these things I dream of. I want to conquer the world but my body, sadly, has no supernatural capabilities. Luckily, its performing quite well for a 33 year old body. And does not look too bad either.

To keep it looking well, I try to exercise and eat right and what I am most happy about is that the belly fat is now almost all gone (I look so great in a bikini!). If I could get piercings, this would be a perfect time to get them in preparation for my beach holiday. However, God saw it fit to make me severely allergic to metal and even surgical steel piercings have not worked for me. I would look like a really cool professor with multiple rings all over! Wow

I'm so vain and would therefore make a great star! Unfortunately, I chose the boring and laborious life of an academic.

I have a conference paper to write. My sorrows are never ending.