User-centered Design

My background is in product design but I often find that I am more interested in the people who create or use products, rather than in the products themselves. I recently read that Apple is loosing its shine and my guess would be that the magic was Steve Jobs. People like him dream, and then they turn their dreams into reality and sell it to the rest of the world. And the world loves to worship such personalities... (and now I don't know how I will downgrade this discussion from Steve Jobs the Great to Amolo the Artist. I will try anyway).

Amolo is a very young unknown artist who was born only last year. Lorraine Amollo on the other hand is a 33 year old lady who studied design in Kenya and is now doing a PhD in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Amolo was born very much by accident after Lorraine went through a near nervous break-drown. Painting came to my rescue when I sunk into depression....(this is not working, I should not have mentioned Steve, my life looks so pale in comparison).

So let me try something very daring. I will copy here pieces of a message I received from someone who says they love my art. This is daring because I think the message was private. So if I don't post again on this blog, just know that this person killed me for showing this message.

'You are unique, there is no mold to be able to shape you... That's power, is sensitivity, it puts you on a high level, occupied by very special people....and I've realized that you do everything very keep painting and giving to you, to me and to all the people, the pleasure to behold this amazing woman ....'

(You know I could have made all this up, but I didn't, honest).