True Beauty

Dear Shi,
This is the first (and hopefully the last time) I write a post for just one person. Your comment about  yesterday's post 'thorn in my flesh' on my Facebook page has compelled me to clarify a point I made on this blog (you are the only person who has made me want to take back my words! Don't make a habit of it).

Let me start by saying that your beauty is beyond words and does not fit the description I gave yesterday. The beauty I was referring to is the ephemeral kind that fades with time. It is the superficial beauty that may appear attractive but is only skin deep. This is false beauty, because it is here today, and tomorrow it is gone.  It is the prettiness that may turn heads (I do turn  a few heads sometimes) but that is it. What is the value in that?

True beauty, like yours, is the kind that brings joy to all who perceive it. This is what led me to want to know you, and though we spent only a short time together, you left a lasting impression on me. You are a very intense character and it was people like you that I was referring to in my article 'resonance'. I still remember our discussions about art and since then, I have been in awe of your musical prowess. But when I was thinking about what to write of your music, it dawned on me that I have never heard you sing or play an instrument! It is your passion, that comes through as you speak of your music that has me completely taken in by you. Is this not the mark of a true artist? One who inspires even without having to show their art?

Shi, you owe the world your beauty and art and so you have to share it. You already are a star and it is time for you to shine like one. Please, only remember to speak of me and my art if you do become famous before I do (given your talent, this is a strong possibility).