There is nothing new under the sun

In 2007, I watched with trepidation as my country, Kenya, descended into chaos after the disputed elections. This year, a few days ago, the 2013 elections gave us yet another president. There is no fighting this time round, but there is simmering anger, if the nasty comments on facebook are anything to go by (I thought facebook was for linking up with people you like, not hate. That is why we get friend requests not enemy requests. Mark Zuckerberg, you have anything to say about this?).

Factions and political tensions are not unique to Kenya. It is a basic human instinct. We retreat and group with our own ilk when we feel threatened. Out of fear, we attack fast. It is not even a human thing, all living creatures do it to preserve their species. Regrettably for us humans, we are yet to discover that we actually belong to the same species.

Out of frustration, I have become apolitical. My religious stance is also quite liberal because I see religion as a tool people employ to justify their personal opinions. Does God take sides? I ask. I want to separate myself from this mob mentality, and to do that I am not going to push anybody else's agenda other than my own (of course, my research does not allow me to do this entirely because I have supervisors to please).

If you are an ardent follower, you know that this is the part where I wax lyrical about my art being my personal space because I get to do what I know the drill.

I have this feeling that I am waiting for someone. The person with the key. Everything I write in this blog is leading to that one defining moment. I value every hit I get on this blog (2000 strong), but there is one hit that will change everything!