There is a better place

This past week has been my busiest so far since I started my PhD. I attended a workshop and in between I had to squeeze more field visits. Other than the fatigue, I enjoyed myself as I got to meet lots of new people and have many conversations. In all that, I discovered that though my research is about a system, what I am really interested in, are the people who make that system work, or not work as the case may be. And each one of these people, who form put of a powerful network, bring with them, their experiences and expertise, their personalities. What makes my work even more fascinating is that the people I am studying have such diverse backgrounds; from highly specialised engineers to informal settlement dwellers. Each one dragging in their own beliefs and prejudices, but all sharing a common goal (though I have also seen that this goal is interpreted differently by each one).....

Enough with the research. So I came home and got down to some drawing to soothe my soul. This is because before I got home, I had the harrowing experience of having to help a young lady (who was discharged from hospital with a broken leg) to her home, which was a shack in the slums. The inside of the one-roomed house was wet because the roof was leaking. Even her bed was soaked in rain water so she could not get the much needed rest. We had to leave her there as she sobbed and when I got home, any thoughts I entertained about my life being hard, disappeared. (I often like to wallow in self-pity especially when I feel home sick).

My art helps me to dream again because when I see so much pain in the world, I need to dream of a better place. I can't solve everyone's problems but I hope I can touch someone with my work (research) and with my art.