Human Rights Day

Today is a public holiday in South Africa in acknowledgement of the Humans Rights day and I am racking my brain on what to say on this auspicious occasion (it is only auspicious if you are actually enjoying your rights, otherwise, it is just another day). My own opinion about rights is that they have to be earned.  But some may not agree with that, especially the UN that provides a litany of basic rights that all humans are entitled to. But, the reality is that some of us have fewer rights than others. Take Americans for example, who have more rights to the world’s resources than the rest of us.  And we are told that if we all claimed the same rights, then we would need many more planets to support our extravagance.

I would write more on this topic but I will have to provide statistics and facts and I hate doing that in this blog. I might also piss off half my audience which happens to be American. So to keep the peace, I will stick to my art which has taken a bit of a back seat lately, given my very busy research schedule.  My work is getting more demanding and posting here sometimes is a struggle. I better make loads of cash off of my paintings soon so that I can go on holiday. I am happy to report though, that ideas for my art are only getting better by the day. Please enjoy these sketches that I managed to squeeze some time out of my busy life, to do.