Dress for success

The other day, my colleague burst out laughing when I showed up in the morning because, according to him, I was dressed for the beach and not for a site visit. We had field work, which entailed some construction  and I wore what I though were work clothes! There is no reason to look scruffy just because we are going to do some manual work. My colleague doesn't understand that I have a look to maintain, being a star and all (almost a star, same thing). I never know when a photo of mine will land on facebook or some other social media network, so I make sure I am dressed for the part even if I am going to be digging a hole for an anaerobic digestor (Don't ask what that is and why I would be digging a hole for it. Suffice to say that my research on sanitation is very hands-on).

Everyday, I remind myself that I am going to succeed and I have to prepare for it. In the meantime, I am building an image, slowly. I am patient. Greatness should not be rushed. A few people see it already but most don't. I look like any other ordinary girl walking down the street (well I try not to look too ordinary). And when I do become a star, I still want to be able to go wherever I want, and on foot! Most successful, well-off folks don't walk anymore. They drive big cars, gorge themselves on expensive delicacies them pay hefty amounts to a fitness expert, who is supposed to miraculously make them thin again.

I want to have my cake and eat it too. Fame and fortune without loosing my freedom to be me. I want to go to gallery exhibitions with snooty art connoisseurs (or people claiming to be connoisseurs) and still be able to work in an informal settlement or spend an afternoon listening to a friend.

What? You think I am crazy? Of course I am, and you  love it!