Cruel Angel III

Tomorrow, the Sun I will employ
To burn my sorrow, and forge for me new joy
Drying all my tears, and turning them into paint
Chasing away fears, by driving away my pain

You will fade, when I start to shine
For my shame, will soon not be mine
I will arise, while you fall
As I have paid a full price, to open this new door

Yours is the end, mine is just the beginning
Your strength will indeed be dead, for your hold on me is now waning
With you, I will bury the past
Though the memory is true, that you once held my trust

Old is your kingdom, as mine grows young
Ancient is your wisdom, as into life mine is sprung
Your time is over, cruel angel
But please know it was an honour, for you made me able

Aah, my fame I will claim
For in this game, I now start to see gain
Soon, I will be what is, adorned in full glory
To the world, a kiss, as they come to listen to my story