Be Still and Know

I have lost my ideas to weariness. I have bitten off more than I can chew and now, my body is rebelling. 'No more,' the body says, 'take a break!'

'All these things you do, they will amount to nothing if you loose yourself. You fret over so many things and take no break to listen to your soul because you are afraid of what you will hear. You are searching for the whole world but you forget that you already have everything. Your heart is empty and your mind is restless.

Be still, just for a little while and take time to feed your soul. You will find peace here for it is not out there. Fame and glory will not bring joy. Owning more, will not make you any richer. In these worldly things, all you will find is more pain and heartache. No truer friends will you make if you leave the ones that you have now, and your family loved you even before you knew yourself.

This life is short. Don't waste it, working yourself to the grave and missing out on all its beauty. Rather, look at what is around you and take pleasure in the little things. When you are gone, the world may sing your praises for a moment, but it is only in the memories of your loved ones, that you will live forever.'

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