An epiphany in the Desert

A sketch and the painting (Song in the Desert II)
Warning: This post is severely cryptic. I feel so sublime today. If this is your first time on my blog, please do not be put off. My other posts are very easy reads.

I started work on the 'Song in the Desert' series which were inspired by a short poem I wrote about 'A child in the Desert.' This poem was in turn inspired by a sense of loss that I equated to a poor child in the desert, who hungers and thirsts after things it cannot have. It was a sad, beautiful poem. (There is a version of this poem somewhere on this blog, if I'm not wrong. So many posts, even I can't get my head around them!)

Then I wrote a story about it which I called 'Letters from the Desert'. The story is told through a series of letters exchanged between the 'Desert people' and a 'king' who is one ocean away...

There are three paintings so far in this series. Each with a different tempo and texture even though the tune is the same.

One of my professor's says: 'I could make this easy for you but it is not in my interest to do so' (lighter version)