Cruel Angel III, (check previous post) is my first finished piece on paper and I love it. It is crisp and more delicate than my paintings on canvas. That is because, a pen allows me the finesse and detail that I would not get from a brush. So for now, I will do a few more of these but I will go back to my canvas as soon as I can get some breathing space from my research. As much as I am enjoying working with a pen, nothing beats the rush of sliding a wet brush on canvas and letting it do what it wants.

A poem early in the morning
In the Cruel Angel III, if you look closely, you can see words beneath the undulating lines. These words are hidden because they wish to be forgotten, but after I was done, I wrote a poem for the drawing! I loved it that much. I woke up the morning after I did the drawing with the words in my head, so before doing anything, I grabbed my notebook.

In this coming week, I will not write much. I am attending a research workshop and my week is looking hectic already. I will show you a painting each day, next to the sketch that gave birth to it. I hope you will enjoy that.

I am off to Sunday school (I am the assistant to the teacher for today).