You are buying a piece of me

I was taught that selfishness is a bad thing. But I wonder how I am going to make anyone else happy if I don't take care of me first. When I look for fulfillment in other people they disappoint me because they think more about themselves than about me (how selfish!). I am the one person who cares most about me and my success and it would be foolish to expect another human being to love me more than I do.

Under the threat of becoming a navel gazer (I probably am already, but isn't everyone?), let me add that I really do love other people. I easily make friends and I enjoy other people's company. Sometimes I even sacrifice a little for them. And of course I need other human beings for me to achieve anything. So I will try and love them almost as much as I love myself and I think that is acceptable.

(I am thinking of working on a 'me' series but there is no inspiration yet...I wonder why).