What does it profit a man to gain the whole world

I had friends over for lunch today and I am completely worn out so this post doesn't look very promising, but  keep reading on, something might stir you.

Some days I end the day so tired, I just want to sink into a sofa and watch movies, drink wine, eat something delicious cooked by someone else, have a warm bath and sleep till noon the next day. In Kenya, I had that luxury, but I left all that behind in pursuit of a better education.

Stellenbosch university where I am studying right now is ranked among the best in Africa and is recognized internationally. You therefore cannot imagine my joy when I received the news that my application for a scholarship to Stellenbosch was accepted. As I was dreaming of what life would be in another country, I was not thinking of the hard work, missing home or the loneliness.

The same way I imagine how being a great artist can only be enchanting, making loads of cash, exhibitions, recognition, a life of glamour, (and a few wild parties). Is it possible that with recognition comes detraction, haters, criticism, pride, vainglory. Would fame change me? I don't know.

If I continue writing honestly in this blog, then you can keep tabs on me.