Do not fear. This post is NOT about transdisciplinarity. I just left that heading there from yesterday when I had the temptation to write about my research. But I have exorcised those evil thoughts and now I will write about my favourite subject: me. Before I do that, I owe you an explanation about what transpired yesterday, I did not write anything, and I couldn't.

So many ideas were whirling around in my head but none of them came from my soul so I could not post. The transdisciplinarity (henceforth referred to as TD) thing was a last-ditch effort to say something, and it would have gone something like this: TD is a new research method no let me not put you through that.

Suffice to say that TD is the new kid on the block as far as research methods are concerned and I apologise profusely to anyone who has read this far in the hope of finding out more about TD. Enough with that. Four meetings in a row yesterday from 10am to 2pm were enough to confirm that my research, though important, is very far removed from what I am attempting to do in this blog. The researcher in me took precedence and in the process nearly starved the artist. The artist needs to daydream and do crazy things to get the creative juices flowing.

Did I also mention that I am slightly schizophrenic? I found the artist when I embraced my madness. And so far it has been a wonderful journey. Some artists are lucky that their madness overwhelms them and makes their art so great, like Vincent van Gogh. For me, it takes effort to stay crazy because my tendency is to be normal and average. I have to perform certain rituals when I forget my art. Nothing dangerous, though it would raise I few eyebrows.

Now I write too much. Adieu