The art of blogging

I can't wait to be famous so that I can become arrogant and sloppy. I will also not have to work so hard and I might get so lazy, that I will hire someone to write this blog. It is really hard work to post everyday, but now I have set the bar so high and I have to keep it up even when I have nothing useful to say, like now.

Blogging is not easy and now I know why most blogs are so boring! I have visited blogs, some of which are supposed to be popular and the content is so dry and tiring. I hardly ever get through to the the end of any post because nothing grabs my attention. So colourless! Some bloggers are so devoid of ideas that they just copy and paste from elsewhere in the internet. They should be flogged. Others go as far as to brazenly call themselves writers. A special guillotine should be reserved for these ones.

If you are still reading this then I am not one of those bloggers. Everything I write here is my own and on the odd occasion that I use someone else's words, I acknowledge them. At the beginning of this year when I set out to start this blog, I did a lot of research on blogging and the only thing I discovered is that there is no blog out there about me! (I was shocked to say the least). No one is writing about my art or my exciting life or my beauty.

The world is so blind for not having seen me and so I have to reveal to you this amazing personality. My blog is special! I have been told. Feel free to confirm in a comment below.

(About being arrogant and sloppy, I meant to refer to those famous artists who are so full of themselves that they can splash paint across canvas and call it art, and some fool in the name of an art connoisseur will label the work a masterpiece. I can't wait to get there. I will stop paying attention to detail like I do now and I will even sell copies of sketches. Right now I have a hard time even selling the actual paintings. I use high quality paint and canvas by the way, in case you are interested).