Technology, not

I am bored out of my wits and yawn every time I start writing but I feel obliged to say something, so please bear with me. I was going to bitch about technology and how I hate that it now controls my life (my internet was down this morning and my phone has refused to receive calls, cheap-ass phone!). Then I would have reminisced about the days when life was simple and sang the virtues of my little girl who doesn't fret about any of this.

But I wont talk about technology. Maybe I should write about how I have just got 1000 views on this blog! Yes! Is that a good thing? Only a fellow blogger can let me know. Irene Chola, care to discuss this? Compared to bloggers who post racy photos of themselves, I'm sure 1000 views in a month is not much. But I once had a blog that got no more than 50 views in 6 months so please allow me to congratulate myself.

I am now getting my mojo back and I can tell you about my peach skin or my great talent. But for once, indulge me as I praise someone else who I think is the most amazing artist ever.

I have met a good number of Kenyan visual artists, thanks to my having taught African art for years. But none struck me more that Peter Elungat. He came to speak to my students about his work but instead he spoke about love and passion and flying. He is a self-taught artist who has studied a lot about art and the great masters, and the depth of his knowledge and eloquence is unsurpassed (OK, I have exaggerated a bit but I am not too far off the mark).

Though my work is completely different from that of Elungat (his work is representational and in full colour), of all the artists I have talked to, he is the one whose translation of passion relates closest to mine, I think. (Does that make sense?). He has done lots of exhibitions around the world and is creating a name for himself and I will try and get him to comment on this article. Please come back to check if he is impressed with what I have said. If not, I will self-mutilate like a Justin Bieber fan. Or maybe I ll just be a little bit embarrassed.