When I listen to music, the beats of the song join together to become a rhythm that I can dance to. My brush strokes are like those beats that compose a song on canvas. If you have been following this blog then you know that music is my greatest inspiration as a painter and I have particular songs that I have to listen to, to remind me of my art.

Ismael Lo, a Senegalese musician did a song that has stuck to my soul. His song 'Tajabone' just strikes the right cords and gets me dreaming about what my art could be. It is in this dreaming that I see possibilities on canvas that impel me to paint. Without dreaming and fantasying, I can't paint because I need to see the future  then work towards it, and Ismael Lo helps me do that.

'Tajabone' should be my signature tune when I have my debut exhibition. I meditate on it before I paint and to my surprise, I found out that the song is indeed a prayer. I was amazed at how I felt Ismael Lo's profound message  in his music even though I didn't understand a word of what he said. It was in the beats and in the rhythm.  It had the rhythm of a prayer and looking up the lyrics of the song pleasantly confirmed this.

I want to be that sort of an artist who can tell a story without speaking. I want people to see their own stories when they look at my paintings. That way, they can make my work their own and feel that they love it as much as I do and that they know me through it.

When I started showing my current paintings to people, my biggest fear was that they will not like them, or worse still, they will ignore them. But so far I have received very encouraging remarks like, 'great work!' or 'captivating'. The best reactions by far though have been when people see me in the work. One friend wrote to me and said she feels like she is getting to know me all over again through my work. Another was more fascinated by me than the paintings and I got this from their saying that I am a 'very special person'. They also described me as their favourite artist on their facebook page, for all to see.

Wow, such fervor for my work is the reason I paint. To stir emotions. I should be able to now say, my work on earth is done. If you know me by now though, you know that I am searching for more. But today, just today, I will let this be enough, I will not search further.