I said I would write about a real artist but I need more time to prepare such an important topic. I instead got a brilliant idea to write about one of the two themes that I obsess about in my paintings: resonance. (I even just like the sound of the word. I could easily end this article here).

I enjoy a good laugh and one of my sisters (lets call her sister A) does as well and we are often laughing at other people. (Our youngest sister P says its mean to laugh at other people but we don't listen to her). When we see something funny, A and I just have to look at each other and we burst out laughing, to the chagrin of sister P. I then meet this Italian guy at a summer school in Turin who is exactly like sister A! Someone would say something and I would look at him and....well we spent the whole week laughing.

I call that resonance. No need for words. And the world being a complicated place, resonance means that there is dissonance. Enter sister Y. When we were younger, we never agreed on anything. Now that we are adults, we have learnt to respect each others opinions. Weirdly enough, I meet some other guy at a conference who, you guessed right, is sister Y reincarnate. While everyone else was taken in by my stories (they were hanging on every word I said), sister Y wannabe, hated my guts! He followed everything I said with, 'See, that is the problem with you Lorraine'. Our conversations often deteriorated into silly arguments until I realised there is no winning with this guy.

The moral of this story is not: do not laugh at other people, as you may have thought. It is that I cannot be everything to everyone.

As for resonance, I look for it everywhere. When birds fly and change direction at the same time, its so fascinating. I have danced with people like that. I know what step they are going to take and vice versa. And there are the dancers with the two left feet just for variety, its painful.