Quiet time

There is too much noise in my life. I listen to so many things that sometimes, I cannot hear myself. The voice of my soul is often drowned in the cacophony of my daily struggles. At such times, I find it hard to just take time off and be still.

Thankfully, my strong religious background has taught me that such quiet times are neccessary to feed my spirit and listen to my thoughts. In my queit time, I reflect on life and its purpose and sometimes I fight the demons that haunt and threaten to choke me with sorrow. It would be easier to just block out these voices with the noise of my worldly concerns, but then I woud not deal with the sins that these voices speak of.

Ah, the artist says too much this morning. Maybe it is the effect of the full moon that I was gazing at last night, or the mountains that I see every sunrise. In these moments, I marvel at the wonders of nature, how God saw it fit to manifest his majesty, how I am blessed to contemplate such beauty.

Now the researcher is knocking at the door, I have papers to write, emails to reply and journals to read. Soon, I will not have time to paint at all, so I have decided to turn to ink and paper for my new pieces. I will miss the brush and canvas and I look forward to taking some time off life to paint again.