Obsessive compulsive behaviour and other disorders

Today I ate a pancake for breakfast which I don't ordinarily do given my self-imposed dietary restrictions. I also don't take fizzy drinks, coffee, chips, candy, sugar, beer and anything else that will disturb my waistline. (Refer to my article on how I lost weight). But once in a while I break these rules especially if I go visiting and the only thing on offer is one or more of these sinful items. (The other day someone described me as thin which is totally untrue because my BMI is perfectly in order. Although, relative to the current obesity trend, I might qualify as 'not fat').

The pancake helped to dispel any ideas I might have of becoming anorexic, just like my daughter helps me to get over my obsessive compulsion to clean. I clean my house incessantly but my little girl renders my efforts futile soon after. Such disturbances save me from becoming a slave to my own rules, and they also help me to be less of a tight-ass (and by tight-ass I mean an excessively self-controlled person, not a porn star).

I think I also have a mild case of body dysmorphic disorder because sometimes I look in the mirror and wish I could re-sculpt my entire body. It is only my extreme dislike of doctors that prevents me from even contemplating plastic surgery. I also don't have the money for it so I am currently looking for a home remedy for ugly toes among other things. Again, I refer you to my article on 'home remedies'.