Learning curve

 When I started sketching incessantly a couple of months ago I was trying out something completely new. Before, my work tended to be more representational and my mum encouraged me to do art when I was young because I loved and was good at doing portraits and human figures.

Now that seems like centuries ago as my work has become more and more abstract. I however loved Michael's (fellow artist) comment that my current paintings look exactly like me!

Three months ago I struggled with these first two sketches and a couple of others and I was not happy with where they were going so I gave up that theme. But yesterday it happened so unexpectedly to my surprise. I didn't think about it at all as I was drawing but when I was done it occurred to me that I had tried and failed at this before.

I don't think I have learnt any new techniques recently but I have greatly improved in my ability to depict what I see. I am growing and you are watching me do so.