I think I'm onto something

In the words of my professor, I am 'gaining traction'. And it seems a lot of hard work goes into turning a dream into a reality. I'm not there yet but the encouraging words from friends and strangers give me the heart to push on. One particular friend touched me with a message saying I am inspirational. I admire this friend because she is so brilliant! I have known her for 20 years but she never ceases to impress me with the depth of her knowledge and insight into life. She always seems to have an answer for everything so I feel honoured that she finds my writing and art amazing. My hope is that I can continue to write from the heart and that the attention will not get to my head. (It probably will then I can write about that).

And in other news, my PhD can now start in earnest. I have to now read and write on theories as I had promised to in my proposal. I have also thought about starting a blog on my research but I have to find a way to make words like sustainability, sanitation, epistemology and even development sound sexy. That's a tall order that I will pray long and hard about before I attempt. As for the field work, the engineer says its time to get our hands dirty, literally. We need to build some toilets! Not the glamorous life I was dreaming about but useful. So my research keeps me steeped in reality and my art is my space to dream; a good balance I think.