Home remedies

My little girl knows that honey can solve all problems, from a scrape on the knee to a bad mood. This is because I give her honey whenever she complains of any ailment. This was not always so. When she was born I fell in love with the hospital because I used to take her there every single week for three months. I once took her to see a doctor at six in the morning because her nose was blocked. A rash on her skin was enough for me to call my mum, older sister and all my friends with babies to ask for advice. She also didn't sleep very well probably because I was constantly in a state of panic.

But after my ordeal with dry eyes (refer to an article about how I would make a good doctor) I discovered that the body can, in most cases heal itself.

I have not taken pain killers for example in over a year because they simply numb the body and prevent it from dealing with its problems. Its OK to feel a bit of pain. Its also OK not to be happy sometimes.

As for the sleep, I had to train the girl not to wake up 10 times during the night as was her habit, because I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown after not having a full night's sleep for nine months.

Now, whenever I get flustered, or feel unwell I have to find ways to relax and heal without the need to pump the body with poisonous chemicals. I am also glad that I no longer contribute much to the evil industry of pharmaceuticals. I instead use these savings to buy my art materials.

(Disclaimer: Honey does indeed solve all problems but only after you consult a medical specialist, who proceeds to write you a prescription that ruins your body, then you, frustrated, read testimonies such as this one that turn you into a believer. Please visit a doctor to gloat if you do get better).