Her Majesty

The original: by her majesty
Today is the day I write about pure art. Words are however not enough to describe the paintings of the four year old (who shall henceforth be referred to as 'her majesty'). Her work is sublime and when I watch her paint I feel like Verrocchio watching Leonardo. She does not fret or worry if her work will be liked. She lives in the moment and does the work for pure enjoyment. She does not care about putting up her work for sale or writing in a blog about it; it's art for arts sake.

Life has probably corrupted me too much for me to recapture such innocence but I try all the same. So I copied her work! It is the only piece I have done in colour and its huge at 91cm by 91cm. The original work by her majesty is much smaller but its also acrylics on canvas. I even let her use my brushes and she loves it.
If I could pause time I would savour this moments over and over again.

Her majesty might not become an artist but if she chooses to, she could possibly be one of the greatest there ever was (at-least to her mother, she will).

A poor copy: not for sale