Friends and Facebook friends

It is still my birthday and I was not going to write much today but I could not resist. Just like I could not resist  getting more canvas (my gift for myself).

I had a couple of academic meetings today, my research is going well, life is great. And I got lots of lovely messages on Facebook from friends and Facebook friends. (I hate it when Facebook asks: do you know this person outside of Facebook? What am I supposed to have 1000 friends outside of Facebook?)

I have really worked had to build my Facebook profile and that's where I get the most traffic for this blog, then hopefully that will lead to more sales for my paintings, which is yet to happen. So I was thinking that maybe I should give up this shit (and concentrate on the real shit in my research on sanitation. I have had to look down lots of toilets and when I graduate, I ll say I am an expert in shit and it will make me loads of money).

But it has been only a month since I started blogging seriously and every new day, I gather new hope that this will all be worth it.

When I started, I set out to create this online personality that even my friends who have known me for years are fascinated with. But that is probably only 5% of who I really am. I spend most of my time doing ordinary mundane stuff: washing dishes, cleaning, studying and dreaming of course. Because of the path I have chosen, (and other circumstances beyond my control), I have very little if any time for glamorous parties and fun holidays. I last went out in October of 2012!

I find my life so boring sometimes but I create space in my mind where I can be anything and go anywhere. (Sometimes I even dress up and dance at home and imagine I'm in the club. Crazy, I know). And it is probably better that way because I easily get lost in the moment. I can dance till 4am in the morning which would probably be unhealthy if done regularly.

So, despite what I want to be doing right now (dancing the whole night), I choose to work hard and earn a third degree so that I can get a better job and secure my future. The glamour and fun are fringe benefits, fruits of hard labour.