Emerging from my cocoon

I had just finished writing my post then google hated it and told me 'an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post' and as I tried to save it myself, a few clicks got me to a blank page where I had to start over. So here we go.

I had wanted to talk about my first day at school which as far as I can remember was an absolute nightmare. (Once in a while I recall bits and pieces of my youth and they seem like the life of someone else. I think it's because I have gone through so much and morphed into a person I would never have imagined I would be).

To begin with I was five years old when I started school which was already a year too late. (Nowadays, kids even start school at three which must be torture for them. Unfortunately parents have to work, and they work so  hard to make money to take their kids to school, so that they can have time to work even harder). So at five, I joined pre-school and couldn't string three words of English together! As classes were taught in English, I spent the next two years just trying to understand the teacher let alone learn how to read and write.

It didn't help either that the multitude of kids in the large class all seemed to know what was going on because they had already been in school for a year. I cried my eyes out when my older sister left me, only arming me with one sentence, 'please teacher, may I go to the toilet'. Not knowing what the words meant, I couldn't recall them when required and I leave it to you to  imagine what the catastrophic consequence was.

I was a timid little girl on that day and I wanted to shrink into a corner and go unnoticed. I continued that way for a number of years and it took a long time for me to come out my cocoon and discover that I was not so thick after all.