After yesterday's post almost bored me to sleep as I was writing it, I decided to do what I do best in this space, sing my praises. The story starts with my hair woes which commenced as soon as I was born. I have kinky, thin hair that hates to grow. Over the years I have tried everything on it: curling, twisting, straightening, cutting, dying, braiding, pulling and even praying for it. I have also used all manner of products that promised me luscious flowing waves but only made my hair thinner and uglier. Wigs were the last desperate option which only look good on mannequins given that they are both plastic.

Anyone who has Negro (is that word in use anymore? Let me use Afro as in Afro-Brazilian: sounds delicious) or Afro hair, can commiserate with me on this. Nature didn't mean for there to be too much Afro hair but Christianity has made it compulsory for all women to wear their hair as a crowning glory. To fulfill this divine duty I therefore decided to go natural and have dreadlocks. But that word conjures Marley-type images of shaggy, unkempt hair that acquires a life of its own after being neglected for so long (I love Bob by the way, no hate mail please). So I didn't have too many examples of good looking dreadlocks except for the pictures on the internet which are probably photoshoped.

Armed only with sheer blind faith I embarked on this treacherous journey which I advice anyone without the heart to look ugly for a year, not to embark on. After the first year the dreads locked, in the second year they were moderately decent and in the third, they were fabulous. That is also the year I met Felix, the Love of my hair! Before him, I had tried six different hairdressers who ranged from useless to not very useful. Felix on the other hand, has the magic touch. Unfortunately, I had to leave him when I came to study but luckily I had learnt to do my own hair. I simply had to go to youtube and watch silly people who post videos of themselves making their hair and they are not even selling anything. (There is so much nonsense on youtube) God bless youtube.

So now while all the other girls cursed with ugly hair are singing to Indie Arie's song 'I am not my hair' I can say I am so my hair. Who cares about your soul?