Contraria sunt Complementa

What I have managed to do in this blog is contradict myself severally and this comes from writing what I feel at the time (and not having editorial services). Yesterday I read through the articles (yes I do read my own blog, you will also note that I am a member(s) of the blog) and found out that what I said about art therapy (painting helps me deal with my emotions blah blah.....) is inconsistent with my complaints that doing art drains me.

But I was glad to find out in my academic reading that a guy called Niels Bohr proposed that opposites can compliment each other. Another guy Manfred Max-Neef discussed Bohr's work and said that the 'dynamic tension between opposites' should be acknowledged...

This article is heading south very fast so I think I ll end it here, post a picture I took this morning and head out to lunch with some amazing Kenyan ladies.

Those bored enough to read up to this point should look for Max-Neef's paper which he titled 'Foundations of Transdisciplinarity' (feel free to yawn) in 2005. And in true academic tradition it took six months to get his paper published in Ecological Economics. Thank God for blogs.