I joined high school exactly 20 years ago but the memories of those four years are still very fresh. It is in high school that I made some of the best friendships that I treasure to this day. Most of these friends I met through a club that we aptly named the 'sun basking club.' While everyone else was either playing a sport or doing something constructive in a society or club, my friends and I would lay on the grass and soak in the goodness of the sun like lizards. It is in this club that I perfected the art of lazing around, and it was so much fun. Now, I miss those days because I hardly ever have the time to do nothing.

I had tried joining other clubs like the the hockey club but my left hand cost me dearly. In the tryouts, we had the simple task of hitting the ball straight. This proved impossible for me because most hockey sticks are right-handed, as mine was. A left-handed player should also stand in the inverse position, as opposed to a right handed player. With hundreds of girls wanting to join the team, the coach had no time to train a left-handed player (which would have taken longer) and yet I would have probably made one of the best players the school ever had, for the simple reason that a left-handed player easily confuses the opponent. (I want to write a book about the rights of the left-handed people. In this book I will vehemently denounce hockey as a prejudiced and biased game. I am still very bitter about not being given the chance to be in the hockey team!).

My next best choice was the drama club but I did not even make it to the auditions because one either had to have great talent or great looks. I had neither so I moved on to the maths club where looks were not an issue. The one day I spent in the maths club left me scarred for life because it was the most excruciatingly boring experience I have ever had.

(And on that hockey matter, I wonder if looks were also a concern because that would explain my prompt dismissal. See, I was a rather odd-looking teenager because I was growing un-proportionally and it is only recently that all my features caught up with each other. I don't look too bad now, in fact some would say, and have said, that I am quite fetching.)