Why paint?

Art is my space to say whatever I want, however I want. No references (like in my research), just spoken from the heart. I find it hard to express myself honestly and plainly but in my paintings I am completely raw. I pour my emotions onto canvas with no inhibitions and that gives me confidence that my work is amazing. It's an expression of my experiences so there is no other work like it in the world. When I paint I am someone else, an alter ego, I soar the skies, I create.

I also sketch incessantly. Everyday. Especially when my emotions flare up, then I get pen to paper and just start drawing. All my sketches are in black and white like my paintings because it gives me the freedom to explore my two obsessive themes of rhythm and resonance. These two themes are what great dancing is all about and I love dancing. I even dance while painting, sometimes in costume. What an experience! Then I get back to my ordinary life and I wonder if I am not just a dreamer.