Visual art inspired by music and dance

Sketch: Rover
Music and dance just have a way of evoking emotion in me that makes me want to paint the rhythms in a song or the moves in a dance. I actually would have wanted to be a musician but I can't sing to save my life. So I paint. Dancing on the other hand is something I do very well and when I went to Rio (or heaven) I was a natural! I can dance for hours on end and it's exhilarating. Add a good dance partner and great music in the mix and I am on top of the world.  So when I get down to painting I want to exude the same fervor in my work and for that I have to listen to good, soulful music. To get into the mood sometimes I play a song that reminds me of a profound experience and the painting just flows. I could even play the song over and over again obsessively if it helps me reach the heights that I am searching for. What I search for is my art; a space to make my dreams come to life and the confidence to take on life with a smile.