The art of listening

I have been told from childhood that I talk too much. The downside is that I listen less. But lately, I have made an effort to hear what others are saying. To look into their eyes, focus and pay attention to every word they say. It sounds so simple but I hardly ever did it! And now as I practice it more, I am amazed at the stories people tell, some of them of course being fibs, but beautiful stories all the same. Even the way people embellish stories is worth noting because that's how humans create. For an artist, this is a abundant source of inspiration and so I set out to master the art of listening. And this goes along with the art of looking or even  holding onto someones hand just a little bit longer when I greet them.

I wrote this quote in one of my moments of self-doubt because I was focusing on me. If I can see others just a little bit more then maybe I will doubt myself less.