Negotiating new spaces

Not a sketch
Moving to a new country forced me to get out of my comfort zone. Leaving behind everything and everyone I know and literally starting over; very scary. At some point I thought that I was crazy to have left my comfortable life; culture shock kicked in. I went into a minor crisis and I didn't have my friends and family around me. So I considered the option of going back to what I knew but then I would miss this grand opportunity to grow and learn and experience the unknown. I have made new friends, met lovely people and the little town of Stellenbosch has grown on me. I am grateful I got this chance to discover another world and discover more of me. Being in an 'uncomfortable' space forced me to seek new strength as I negotiated my way through the unknown.

This sketch was not really a sketch because I was trying out all my pens. When I looked at the page however,  I saw all my struggles and false starts and determination to make it work.