Making a proposal

So tommorrow is the day I try to convince a bunch of professors that I am worth my salt. Everything I have done so far is considered preliminary and would count for nothing if the professors are not wooed by my proposal.

When I first embarked on this PhD journey, I locked myself up in a student's room and read what seemed like hundreds of papers and books. Then I wrote a 20 page proposal which was not received very well. I was told it was full of jargon and didn't say much about what I was actually going to research on. I was so dissapointed because I thought I had given it my all.

Downcast, I decided to take a break from academic reading and do paintings. Seven marvelous paintings later, I read my proposal again and it was horrible! It was bits and pieces of information that were pasted together with high sounding words and it didn't read very well. It was actually painful to try and figure out what the proposal was all about. I couldn't believe that I wrote something so bad. So I let the artist write.

I started writing a whole new proposal from scratch. I put down my ideas and looked for supporting material to back my arguments. I also threw in a few antagonist authors to show that I am not myopic in my views. This new proposal was much shorter and I tried to keep to the point and not get lost in discussing theories.

Soon after I attended a proposal writing workshop and I was elated when someone said that my writing style is simple and fun to read.

I could go on and on about my excellence but let me see how it goes tomorrow then I can carry on from there.