Joining Sunday school

Today was a laid back day highlighted by my helping out at Sunday school. My daughter loves attending these classes because they are so practical and fun and I could see why. The class is small and the teacher has so much energy, it's infectious.

My own religious views are, well, content for another blog, but I love to see my little girl pray with the other kids and learn bible verses. (She never wants to leave when Sunday school is over and only the promise of potato chips gets her to part reluctantly).
Today's lesson was about being a shining light to others and the teacher used a candle and a bowl to demonstrate this. It was so simple and yet very profound. We then cut out stars and decorated them and hung them up, and now am hooked!

But like the god-father, I am drawn back into my complicated world, and I sit at my computer to write this, and you, make it all worth it.