If I am Vincent

I am finished with the Samba series and all my brushes and paints are neatly packed away. So what now? I don't know. I try my hand at poetry.

Meanwhile my sister interviewed me about art for her blog and for the first time I didn't have to think too hard to get the answers. I have taught art history for years and that makes me over-think about art. I want to research and know about all the great masters and the names and years of their great works, but now I don't care too much for that nonsense. These so called masters are glorified and their artworks over-priced and the rest of us mortals have to pretend that we adore their paintings. Well f....them. We are all artists....in varying degrees. Some of us not so well known, well, not known at all, but artists all the same. (OK, got that off my chest).

My sister, whose presence on the internet baffles me (when did she do all these things? she is five years younger than me!) runs a blog where she wants to post interviews. I don't know for what purpose but everything she does seems to work out very well. I felt so honoured to answer her clever questions. If I am something, then this girl is something else (and she might get me the much needed publicity for my work). Fiona, she makes me wonder about our heritage, whether some ancestor of ours was very creative in fishing and hunting and passed that on to us. She makes me think of my people, the Luo of Kenya. I want to travel the world but I pray that I will spend my final days in Luo-land.