How African does African art have to be for it to be African? The thoughts of an artist from Africa

A recent trip to Brazil gave me a sneak peak of an outsiders' view of Africa. Brazil is beautifully multi-cultural and the references to Africa in this mix is evident. Such references were vivid in the artistic expressions where there was a clear attempt in certain instances to represent 'Africa'. This got me pondering about what is truly African and how it should look. Is it the colour of the skin or the colours of the savanna? Who decides what gets to be called African? Who cares?

Several questions of this kind got me no closer to the answer but they were helpful in giving me a personal stance: Africa is so vast and diverse and maybe there are many Africas and not just one. This stance is not very useful for me as an artist though because I do not in any way feel compelled to represent Africa. My paintings are personal expressions that seem to have very little to do with my being African. Rather, they speak of my humanness and therefore, I dare say, are relevant to anyone from anywhere in the world. I have always wanted to be a child of the world and my art helps me do that in a small way.