For instant success, just follow these three steps

I am searching for a formula to achieve instant success as an artist because I want instant fame and instant recognition. Then when I don't find the formula, I despair and wonder why I am doing the art at all. But when I look back on how far I have come in my life, I realize that, like good coffee, anything worthwhile takes time to prepare. And it can be exasperating, but if I patiently waited for three years for my dreadlocks to grow, or I spent almost two decades just acquiring what is now considered basic education, then maybe I have to wait a little longer for my art to become known. As I wait though I wonder if my work is great even if other don't know it is. So far I have received positive comments but I am looking for that big break, a Picasso moment! But I am not Picasso, I am Amollo and I bring to my art my own unique experiences. So I  soldier on and do what I do best, paint.