Fly with me

A painting inspired by my love for dancing. I was in heaven (which disguised itself as Rio) and I had an amazing time! Then when I got back to my ordinary life (of PhD research on sanitation.....gets boring sometimes), I had to take time off and put down my memories on canvas. And this is what I got! I love this work. And its the only painting I have done without sketching first because I saw it in my mind and could not wait to realize it. I was listening and dancing to Ismael Lo's music and of course some Brazilian samba....and it takes me back to Rio again. But I need to get back to my research, so I store away my brushes but I smile every time I see my finished pieces. What I need to do now is to get them out there because I don't have any more space in my flat for large paintings. This one is 61cm wide by 75cm long and it makes such an impression.