De-clutering my life

I have a seemingly insatiable hunger for acquiring things and the result is that I fill my space with so much useless stuff. The thrill of buying something new wears off surprisingly fast then I want to buy something else. So I soon realize that I don't need so many things. Recently I put off buying the much hyped version of (insert a brand name) phone and I am OK. Sure the phone has dazzling new features that are a few seconds faster than the previous version which means I can communicate a little bit faster but will it also be a little bit better? Will I write better texts or say happier things to my friends? Will I learn (from surfing more) that there is more to life than having cool gadgets? Maybe this is just me consoling myself because I wouldn't have afforded the phone anyway but I don't think the phone would have made me a better person. Painting on the other hand makes me feel better like the 'cruel angel' which is inspired by the contradictions in my life. How can beauty and cruelty, or good and evil reside in the same space?