A journey of self discovery

It's amazing how I have been around for slightly over three decades but I still don't know myself that well. On a number of fairly frequent occasions I have managed to surprise myself with the decisions that I make and the things that I do. Lately I have become more reflexive (probably a sign of aging) and I have concluded that the only thing consistent in my life is change. If I remain in a space for too long I get jittery and then its time to change my trajectory. And as much as this constant need for change is a major flaw of character (inconsistency) its also my strength as I have come to discover. I am ready to try new things, change countries (like I have done recently), meet new people, live new experiences and best of all to learn new ways. This searching is good for an artist but its also a source of turmoil because I easily overlook what I already have. So I have decided to take a little time each day to appreciate what I have, what I see; like the mountains in the horizon outside my flat or the sea. I think about the people who have been sent my way today and how I can bless their lives; I live for the moment. But I still dream of what I could be and the worlds beyond.